The Charlotte-Mecklenburg TNBA Senate is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our members bowl in several local bowling centers within Charlotte and its local surrounding communities in South Carolina.  This senate resides in TNBA's East Region of 31 senates which belongs to The National Bowlers Association, Inc.,  located in Evendale, Ohio.

Charlotte Quick Facts

  • Second largest city for Banking and Financial Services within the U.S.
  • Sports teams, Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets
  • Headquarters for NASCAR

Join Char-Meck TNBA Senate


Our annual adult membership cost is $20.00, it provides access to local, regional and national TNBA Handicap and Scratch tournaments held within the United States.  Members are eligible for bowling awards during TNBA Leagues and TNBA Certified Tournaments.


Charlotte Picture Gallery