GQ Bowling Services

Giovanna (Gee) R. Jackson is the owner and personal ball driller of GQ Bowling Services located at 5900 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC. 28213 (inside AMF University Lanes)  

A member of the Pro Staff of VISE & STORM

Contact him Cell: 704.297.9013 

Shop Phone: 704.590.4276


Gee ofters a wide range of bowling services such as shoes, balls, bags, gloves, tape, dry & grip bags. Check his custom and exotic ball drillings for bowlers who want an edge in the game


Proshop Monthly Raffle - $1.00 (Win a Bowling Ball of Your Choice)

OMG, Here is an opportunity for you to win a "Free Ball" of your choice for just a $1-Buck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Just imagine selecting a $200 bowling ball if your $1.00 raffle ticket is selected in the pro shop monthly raffle.  WOW, can you see yourself with a new premium bowling ball from either STORM, COLUMBIA, TRACK, HAMMER, Ebonite or any other ball seen on today's bowling tour.  


Private Bowling Lessons - Improve Your GAME

Is your bowling game on "Life Support"? Maybe your team is looking to replace you for missing that "5" pin in the 10th Frame which cost the team a win?  Are you new to the sport of bowling and just looking for some lessons to prevent learning poor bowling habits that don't increase your scores or fun in the sport?

Bowling Services Price List

Fit & Drill Performance Ball: $50.00    Plug & Redrill Fingers: $25.00

Fit & Drill Conventional Ball: $25.00   Plug & Redrill Thumb:  $20.00    

Fit and Drill Internet Ball:     $60.00   Resurface The Ball:     $25.00


Replace Finger Grips:          $10.00

Replace Thumb Slug:          $15.00

Clean/Sand/Polish:               $3.00


Lessons Per Hour:               $40.00