Several members have signed up and plan to participate in next year's 2016 TNBA National Tournament.  If you missed this year's tournament, now is the time to think about bowling in TNBA's Eastern Regional Tournament in November of 2015.



TNBA's Eastern Regional held in Harrisburg, PA, November 13-15, 2015. Entries and/or re-entries will not be accepted at the tournament site. You need a current TNBA Card ($20) and USBC Card ($17), membership costs are higher at the tournament site.


Please contact Mike Rice by email with any questions,

Char-Meck President, Darryl Griffin-Simmons captured the Greater Charlotte Seniors Divison D honors in singles with a winning series of 801.


See a complete list of touranment results 2012-2013 Mixed Senior Championship Tournament Prize List



 Members support local tournaments in North Carolina and travel out of state to bowl.

  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia and West Virginia

Char-Meck members support and participate in local and state USBC sponsored tournaments.  Check out a list of Greater Charlotte USBC upcoming tournaments.